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Episode 1: Lost in the Flood (Young Earth Creationism)

Sectstra Credit is a Sects Ed side project that we plan to produce periodically to profile individual religious figures and facets of faiths. For our inaugural episode, we collaborated with the Activist History Review, an online publication dedicated to the simple principle that the past is relevant to the present. First, we wrote an article about the fundamentalist Christian belief in young Earth creationism. You can check it out on their website here. We also recommend reading a complementary piece on the political workings of the fundamentalist Christian right by historian Charles Richter here. We then sat down with Cory James Young, media editor of TAHR, to discuss the history of young Earth creationism and intelligent design in the United States. If you have not already listened to that conversation, you can do so here

In writing our article, we consulted the following primary and secondary sources:

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Sectstra Credit Show Notes
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